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LESU mobilgravemaskine fuld hydraulisk med lys.

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LESU mobilgravemaskine fuld hydraulisk med lys.

The chassis is made of hard and firm stainless steel welded, the shell is made of precision CNC, and the cab interior is made of high-quality plastic with open molds.

The net weight of the vehicle is about 19 kg.

Power supply voltage: 7.4-11.1V Use 2S, 3S lithium batteries, 3S is recommended, which is more exciting! . Equipped with a battery compartment with ample space, it is safer and cleaner.

ESC: 30A Driving motor brushless ESC, 120A oil pump motor brushless ESC, 320A rotating motor brushless ESC.

Hydraulic pump: Use LESU high-pressure pump, rated pressure 8 MPa, equipped with overflow valve. The pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of the car. Flow 400ml/min

Hydraulic components: six-way reversing valve (standard version of the excavator only uses three channels, the remaining three channels are reserved for excavator accessories such as quick release of the excavator)

Two-way reversing valve (front and rear hydraulic lifting support feet, one in the front, one in the back)

Lock-up valve (control the front axle swing cylinder, the switch controls the flow of hydraulic oil and closes the flow)

Oil slip ring (can smoothly supply oil to the support foot without hindering the movement of the upper body of the excavator)

Independent and innovative hydraulic station (oil pump, motor, radiator, oil valve, filter, pressure gauge, oil tank, overflow valve, etc.)

Precision cylinder (CNC precision production, laser welding, practical and beautiful)

Rotating motor: 360-degree rotation, the rotating system has a self-locking function, making the operation more playable.

Metal power bridge: front and rear axles with differential locks, full power, steel gears, more durable and durable, and strong pressure capacity)

Wheeled front axle hydraulic swing bridge assembly, steering, suspension, shock absorption in one, a combination of aesthetics and mechanical engineering.

The wheel digging excavator is equipped with a light set, including low beam lights, front and rear turn signals, reversing lights, large arm spotlights, etc.! It also leaves more imagination and creativity for the driver!